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Fair Beauty is a privately held patent-pending and trademarked company.  A new company started in December of 2008. It is a unique, science-based developer, manufacturer, and marketer of the Fair Skin line of strictly natural nutritional supplements and skin care products. These products are designed to help individuals obtain healthy, even-toned, and brighter complexions through the use of plant-derived vitamins, minerals and nutrients instead of botanically based or toxic chemicals, drugs, or steroids.  The methods are all scientifically proven to have excellent results and are backed by academic study.

Fair Beauty is also grateful and wishes to thank all researchers, scientists, customers, partners, manufacturers, suppliers, and all who are involved in making the existence of Fair Beauty possible


The Fair Beauty Concept


You can safely and effectively lighten your natural skin tone!


Have you tried unsuccessfully in the past to lighten problem skin areas with harsh bleaching products or expensive, yet ineffective skin care programs? Are you struggling with issues such as age spots, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone, discoloration caused by sun exposure or scarring and looking for a safe, effective way to get back your skin’s healthy glow? There’s good news! Now you can transform your skin and maintain a clear, vibrant complexion, without the damaging effects of skin bleaching agents. Fair Beauty Skin lightening pills are a revolutionary, all-natural program that safely smoothes uneven complexions, lightens and brightens the skin on your entire body.


Discovering The Thiol-Skin Colour Connection


In nutritional research, it was discovered that startling links between the body’s production of skin pigment and factors such as diet, exposure to environmental pollutants, cultural behaviors and lifestyle choices. Researchers learned that these factors had a surprisingly greater influence on skin colour than human genetics alone. One key finding was that Thiols, found in a natural mineral, two amino acids and many natural food compounds, have a significant impact on skin colour and health. Fair Beauty uses an organic plant mineral compound to provide its thiol supplementation.  Used for centuries to treat ailments and skin disorders, organic sulphur-mineral is as fundamental to life as water and salt, helping your body to neutralize and remove toxins. Researchers have learned that low thiol levels in the skin lead to the development of a darker complexion and can lead to splotchy, uneven skin tone. Likewise, high thiol levels in the skin support a more even and smooth looking complexion. Based on this simple concept, Fair Beauty discovered that by controlling how much organic sulphur-mineral you put into your body can control your skin’s health and restore it to a natural, radiant appearance.


The Birth of a Safe and All-Natural Skin Care Method


Inspired by these findings, Fair Beauty devised a plan to develop these new insights. Fair Beauty supplemented the diet with high-quality organic sulfur-mineral, the kind naturally found in raw fruits and vegetables, milk, meat, seafood and grains. While organic sulfur is found in every human cell, our bodies cannot manufacture it. That means we must rely on outside sources to maintain healthy thiol levels. And since organic sulfur is easily destroyed by heat, maintaining enough thiols in the body is a challenge, even if you eat plenty of organic sulfur-mineral rich foods. Thiol supplementation is a simple, effective way to allocate more organic sulfur-mineral to the skin and therefore achieve a healthy and even complexion.


What is the Natural Fair Beauty Method?


Fair Beauty skin lightening pills are a revolutionary approach that contain a safe organic plant mineral to improve your body’s natural complexion, with no toxic chemicals, drugs or steroids. Fair Beauty skin lightening pills work through a combination of Thiol rich personal care products, high-quality nutritional supplements and lifestyle practices.


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